How to design a website for your class

Learn how to design a website for your class using free software and other resources available on the web. First do all six of "The Basics" lessons to learn how to create a basic class website. Then add extras to your class site using tools from the "Extras" section. Finally, learn how to put your site on the web in the "Publishing" section. The "Online Pedagogy" section has tips for incorporating good online teaching skills in your site. After you learn about these tools, put them in your students' hands as a different medium to demonstrate learning!

Let's get started learning the basics!

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The Basics - Creating your site

1. HTML Editors - Learn about website-creation software

2. Intro to SeaMonkey - Free HTML editor available on the internet

3. Your first webpage - Learn step-by-step how to create a webpage using SeaMonkey

4. Adding links - Add links to connect students to other pages

5. Creating a table - Add a table to your site to display data

6. Adding images - Add pictures to your site


Extras - Adding more to your site

Exercises - Create interactive exercises using HotPotatoes

Crosswords - Create interactive crossword puzzles

Action Mazes - Students make choices in interactive case-studies and follow the results of their choices in a branching tree or maze-like structure. Great for problem solving or procedural training!

Audio - Add audio to your site using Audacity

Video - Add video to your site using Microsoft Movie Maker

Blog - Create a blog for students to interact

Wikis - Have your students collaborate online

Widgets - Add bells and whistles to your site

Website Statistics - Find out how many visitors come to your site and more


Publishing - Getting on the net

Hosting - Upload your site to the internet

Domain names - Getting a name for your website (

Uploading your site - Putting it on the net


Online Pedagogy

Online Pedagogy - Good teaching online

WebQuests - Student research on the web


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